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How much do I get paid ?

It depends on the chosen hourly rate, your availability and profile page quality. 

EEI works on a commission-based model. Our commission varies from 18 to 33% of tutoring hours purchased through our platform, depending on the total number of hours a tutor sells through our platform. 

The more tutoring you do through EEI, the less commission you pay. When new student purchases first lesson with you, our commission will be 100% of its value. 

When are you paid?

After each lesson, the student has to confirm the lesson, and then the tutor is credited with the amount of money that he or she should receive based on the duration of the lesson. 

Money is kept in your EEI wallet and you can to Payoneer.

Is it Free?

Yes. All tutors have the same rights and possibilities on our platform. We only charge commission from the lessons provided through the platform.

Do I have to be certified ?

No, but certification helps because you can charge more per student.

Do I give local or online lessons?

You can do either or both. To teach online, all you need is a stable Internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam.

Risk-free: no upfront costs