Language training for everyone

A method, unique training material, one goal: to provide language training that is effective, motivating and fun! Become part of the Easy English International success story today!

Language training: International know-how – on your doorstep

Want to enhance your knowledge of a foreign language? One-on-one, group training or a vocational training program? Prepare for a language examination? Your local EEI center will be glad to give you the details. We’ll work out a personal training plan for you, tailored to your requirements, your language level, your training budget and your time frame.

Corporate services: Easy English International is for business

EEI draws up an individual training concept for each company. All the components of the concept are geared to the company’s aims and requirements. One-on-one? Crash courses? In-house groups? Business English? Some other language? The defining factors are your planning in human resources, your internal resources and your corporate culture.

Language courses abroad: book locally – learn worldwide

Learn the target language in the country where it is spoken. Your local EEI center organizes language courses abroad for you, and crash courses anywhere in the worldwide EEI network. Not only that. An EEI course you’ve started anywhere in the world can be continued at any other EEI center you care to choose. Start your program in, say Berlin and finish it in Bangkok.


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